Canada is a similar sized country to Australia, with a comparable population and culture.

Canada has announced 20,000 special humanitarian visas for critically endangered Afghans fleeing for their life.

In comparison, our government has announced that Australia will offer a mere 3,000 refugee visas. Crucially, this is not an increase in our intake, but will simply come out of our normal visa allotment.

So to accept 3,000 desperately endangered Afghans, all we’ve done is say ‘no’ to displaced and endangered people from other parts of the world.

We’re proud of our country and our people, but we can do better than this. The gold medal tally at the Olympics shows how we can punch above our weight on the global stage.

So the question is, are you proud of this response? Is this what it means to be an Australian? Do you think we can do better?

Then sign the #UnitedforAfghanistan campaign, there is a link here:

Christians United for Afghanistan

Thank you!