Dean & Kylie Johnston
Lead Gardeners


Established in 1887, the ‘Eureka Methodist Church’ was built by local community members on land donated by Andrew and Kate Johnston ( Dean’s great-great grandparents). The church served the community faithfully for 130 years before being closed in 2017. After a period of lying dormant, the church was reopened in 2019 as ‘Hinterland Chapel’.

Hinterland Chapel is a local, grassroots community church. We are a small yet vibrant and welcoming community of people who gather to celebrate the love of God. Whilst being non-denominational, we very much see ourselves as part of the historic community of faith that sprung up around the person of Jesus, and continues to blossom wherever people are available and attentive to the Spirit’s call.

We would love to welcome you at one of our Sunday gatherings or midweek house churches.


‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’

Jesus taught us to pray that God’s kingdom – His reign of Shalom – would extend throughout the earth. As followers of Jesus we are to pray for, seek first, and participate in, this coming kingdom. ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ means we cannot treat the earth as a discardable planet. Instead, we actively participate in the reconciliation and restoration of all things. Following Jesus means surrendering our own empires, and seeking God’s reign of justice, compassion, wholeness and peace to transform our lives, our communities, and our planet.


‘Wherever you are, as it is in Heaven’

We are called to be a transforming and reconciling presence in our community. We do this by surrendering our lives, and allowing ourselves to be transformed by Christ’s love and conformed to his character. We cultivate the Life and Way of Jesus within us, and then carry that life into every sphere we inhabit. When we pray, ‘On earth as it is in Heaven’, we are making ourselves available to be the embodied stewards of the kingdom of heaven wherever we are.